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The Marketplace

A distributed manufacturing marketplace for open-hardware, bringing together clients, designers and manufacturers from all over the world.


When clients choose a product on MakerNet, they receive a roadmap of possibilities for having the product physically made near them. The client’s choice depends on the total price, expected quality, materials proposed and transportation.


Designers can draw up any plan they want through a blueprint. Once stored on MakerNet, the blueprint’s intellectual property rights are protected via a blockchain and remunerated when products are manufactured.


Makerspaces, industries, fablabs, local craftsmen… can reply with a manufacturing price and date of delivery to the next unit on the manufacturing line. All toghether, they automatically create a manufacturing path through MakerNet, that clients can choose and pay for.


Why transport products thousand kilometers when we can only send their information?

Why transport products thousand kilometers when we can only send their information?

Qu'est-ce que la blockchain ? (fr)

Qu’est-ce que la blockchain ? (fr)

Our whitepaper (fr/en)

Our whitepaper (fr/en)

Makernet story

  • MakerNet published in the Annales des Mines

    July 31, 2017

    MakerNet published in the Annales des Mines

    MakerNet has been published in Industrial Realities from the Annales des Mines. You can find the article here.

  • Distributed Manufacturing Workshop at EU

    November 14, 2017

    Distributed Manufacturing Workshop at EU

    European Union’s Blockchain for Industrial Transformations programme invited us to lead the distributed manufacturing stream of their Blockchain4EU workshop.

  • MakerNet Hackathon!

    May 17, 2018

    MakerNet Hackathon!

    We have brought together a new dev team from School 42 and began developping the latest version of MakerNet, which will be presented at FAB14 (soon!).

  • hackathon V2

    July 1, 2018

    hackathon V2

    Last efforts to go to FAB14

  • FAB14

    July 11, 2018


    We will present MakerNet at FAB14 on the 13th, the 19th and 21st of July 2018

MakerNet Team

Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini

Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini


  • ecosystem thinking
  • blockchain development
  • maker expertise

Developer and Maker, Pierre-Alexis is an entrepreneur and consultant in blockchain from School 42 (Paris). In 2015, he founded the Blockfest, a pedagogical festival about blockchain. His R&D in distributed management, continuous education and freedom in jobs led to the creation of MakerNet in 2016.

Scott Piriou

Scott Piriou


  • project management
  • crypto money

Student in Mathematics and funds analysis, Scott Piriou is specialized in blockchain and crypto currencies. He joined Le BlockFest in 2016 and lead the organisation of different tech events, among them: EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) in Paris and DreamHack Tours 2018.

Laura Bui

Laura Bui

Project Manager

Producer and film director, Laura Bui began her activities at the City of the Cinema of Luc Besson. She then joined Jean-Pierre Seck to create their production company and rights management, AllMedia. The company develops a solution in Africa which enables artists to get paid from their copyrights through blockchain. She met Pierre-Alexis in School 42 during the BlockFest in 2015 at the beginning of MakerNet.

Corentin Derbré

Corentin Derbré


  • Execution and Strategy
  • User focus and Marketing
  • Software Development

Entrepreneur and game developer, Corentin Derbre is skilled in analysis, prototyping, shipping, marketing and doing the projects that he finds exciting!

Our Mentors

Tomás Diez

Tomás Diez

FabCity Founder

Lives in Barcelona, Spain

Venezuela born Urbanist specialized in digital fabrication and its implications in the future of cities and society. He coordinates projects, events and programs at the Fab Foundation, such as Fab City, Fab Conferences and Fab Academy worldwide.

Benjamin Tincq

Benjamin Tincq

GoodTechLab Founder

Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Social entrepreneur and strategist focused on open technologies, collaborative economies, decentralized production and digital transformations. In late 2011 he co-founded OuiShare : a global community, think-tank and do-tank exploring the emerging paradigms of the collaborative society, and organiser of OuiShare Fest - the leading international conference on these topics.

Emmanuelle Roux

Emmanuelle Roux

SC21 & LeChaudron director

Lives in Vendée, France

For 15 years, Emmanuelle Roux supports enterprises, decision-makers and territories to adapt their activities and organisations to the evolutions worn by Internet. SC21 walks the « 3rd industrial revolution ».

David Li

David Li

Senzhen Open Inovation Lab Founder & Director

Lives in Shanghai, China
John Lejeune

John Lejeune

Field Expert

Lives in Rennes, France
  • LabFab Co-Founder & FabManager
  • My Human Kit Co-Founder
  • DIY, electronics, OSHW
  • fablabs management & politics
Pol Goasdoué

Pol Goasdoué (Station F) Mentor

Lives in Paris, France

UX teacher at the European School of Internet Professions (EEMI, Paris), I support start-ups taking part in the digital transformation of our economy and society.

José Huidobro

José Huidobro

El Reactor FabManager

Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • MakerFaire Buenos Aires Producer
  • developing countries field expertise

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